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How Secure is Cloud Storage?

Data security is one of the most important aspects of cloud storage. This post will discuss cloud storage security and how it can affect you and your business. Without proper cloud security, your data may be vulnerable to cyber security threats.

We’ll cover what cloud storage security means for you and what happens if someone steals your cloud information. Read on to find out more!

What is cloud storage, and is it safe and secure?

Cloud storage is any file or data that’s stored on a cloud server. This way of storage means it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Cloud storage keeps your information on remote servers that cloud service providers manage.

A cloud service provider acts as a digital warehouse for your data. Cloud providers often provide different storage solutions, which allow you to access your information on various devices.

Cloud-based services differ in how they store the files and features, but they all offer premium cloud security. This cloud security makes it easy to share documents with other people without email.

  • How does cloud storage improve productivity in a business?
  • Cloud storage is the most popular form of cloud computing, and it’s used by businesses as well.
  • Cloud services are accessible from anywhere, making them great for remote work.
cloud storage security

IT professionals no longer need to worry about storing data on-premises as data centers will take care of the needs of the business. Cloud storage will increase productivity by allowing you and your users to access your files from anywhere in the world.

With so many cloud providers out there, here are three things to ask yourself before choosing a cloud solution for your business.

  • Does the cloud service offer a fast connection that will work well with my computer?
  • How much does it cost to store data in this cloud provider’s storage space?
  • What is the security like, and how can I be sure of its reliability?

How secure is cloud storage?

The cloud provider will secure the storage with encryption.

Most cloud providers offer different levels of security for their accounts. These are usually self-managed and not as secure as they could be if you choose a cloud service that offers an encrypted account.

Cloud providers store your information on servers where it can only be accessed with your account information.

A cloud storage service is not 100% secure, but it does provide a higher level of security than using services that do not encrypt the files first.

What do you do if someone steals your cloud account information?

The consequences depend on whether they’re able to access your password, email, user data, and personal data. If they happen to know your password and email, then they can access the cloud account.

The cloud provider can reset your password if you have a recovery code set up in advance. This feature is not always applicable, depending on how much information someone has about your account.

If they are only aware of your password, then cloud providers will likely change the password for you and make a note that it has been compromised.

If they have access to both your email and cloud account, there may not be anything cloud providers can do. They would need one of their recovery codes to reset the password or offer another form of security.

As long as cloud providers can verify that you’re the account holder, they will extend their protection and offer extra security.

how secure is cloud storage

Which Cloud Storage Provider Offers the Best Cloud Storage Security?

There are cloud services that offer better data security than others.

A cloud service like Sia offers strong encryption, which the user manages on their computer. This solution doesn’t charge you to store data in their cloud storage space, but it does require some time investment to set up an account.

In contrast, companies like Dropbox and Google Drive offer a relatively low level of encryption by providing basic data protection. This level of protection doesn’t mean that these cloud services are not secure or reliable. It does mean your files and data in the cloud will be less protected from hackers since they have limited security measures.

The cloud storage solution for you should depend on what you need.

What to keep in mind when selecting a secure cloud storage provider

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting cloud storage providers.

One of the most important things to ask yourself is what level of security you want and how much time you are willing to invest.

You should consider how your cloud storage will be used. Are you using it for personal or professional use? The size of the files you’re storing and any sensitive data will determine which cloud provider is best suited to meet those needs.

Is my data secure in Cloud Storage companies, and what do I need to be aware of for this?

Yes, your data is very secure on Cloud Storage services. Data stored in the cloud is generally encrypted both at rest and during transmission (using SSL). Encryption keys are controlled by you, not a third party. You can also set up two-factor authentication if desired to help protect against unauthorized access to your account.

cloud storage encryption

Examples of Cloud Storage Providers with Higher Security


Dropbox has public cloud storage which means that everything is accessible to the public. It’s an excellent option for users who need remote backups of their files, but not necessarily security.

They offer end-to-end encryption on shared folders with other Dropbox users. Another security measure that Dropbox supports is two-factor authentication.

Google Drive: 

Google Drive offers a cloud space that is not encrypted by default, but they do offer encryption for files shared with other Google Drive users. They also offer two-factor authentication to help secure their accounts against hacking attempts.

One drawback is that they offer a cloud storage solution for any size of file. This feature means it can be difficult to upload large files or create shared folders with the necessary permissions.


This cloud storage provider offers both private cloud space and public cloud space, which is all encrypted by default.

There are no centralized servers, adding extra protection for your data. Your cloud storage is managed from a device that you own.

Sia offers end-to-end encryption of all files. Shared folders with other users are encrypted by default.

This cloud storage provider offers strong security features, but it does require some time investment to set up an account.

Apple iCloud: 

Apple cloud storage is not encrypted by default, but it does offer end-to-end encryption for files shared with other users of the service.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud storage encryption key?

A cloud storage encryption key is a set of instructions that lock and unlock the user’s data. Using encryption ensures that sensitive files are safe, even if someone steals a device where personal data is stored. The key must be closely guarded to prevent unauthorized access to encrypted material. The best way to do so is not to share it with anyone, including cloud providers. They should have strict policies about how they protect it in their networks and vaults. If you want them to export your encrypted information for you, make sure they can’t access the key.

The cloud provider should never have your encryption keys to be able to read or decrypt your data. The only exception is if you want them for backup purposes. They will need it temporarily and then delete it again after that purpose has been fulfilled. Need someone to backup your data stored in the cloud? Check out how DOS can help with your cloud data storage backup needs. 

Otherwise, learn more about how to encrypt your stored data in the cloud. 

Cloud Security: What are the risks of cloud data storage?

Cloud storage is usually a great cost-effective way to store your data, but there are some risks. The most significant risk is that if the internet service provider fails or goes out of business, all the data stored on their servers is lost.

With cloud backup, you can protect against these problems and back up your entire hard drive remotely. This backup keeps important files safe in case of disaster or virus attack.

Final Thoughts on Cloud Storage Security

laptop and external storage drive

Cloud Storage tends to offer extra layers of security, making it a good and secure tool for businesses to utilize. These levels of security depend on which cloud storage provider you choose and what they offer. If you would like help selecting or maintaining cloud storage, please visit DOS.

Amber Briggs

Amber Briggs

Amber Briggs has served 8 years in a corporate IT role. She assists users in troubleshooting hardware and software, implementing and maintaining network hardware and software, and writes process documentation for end-users and other company members. Amber has previously worked as a Junior Systems Admin for many companies, including Doctors Making Housecalls, Carillon Assisted Living, and Custom Communications Inc. She also has experience working as a Technical Support Agent at Citrix. She holds a degree in professional writing and is currently studying computer science and information studies at Houston Community College. Amber has many hobbies outside of work, including art and graphic design, surfing, gardening, gym, video games, going to the gym, and skateboarding.

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